Fully automatic traffic cone
management system

No, the scope of delivery does not include the vehicle.

Depending on the design of guide cone, the X-Cone can carry up to 221 pcs. traffic cones.

X-Cone can handle 6 cones per minute which means one cone per 10 seconds.

YES, there is trailer option available.

The X-Cone can be operated with the most common types of traffic cones.
However, it is important that the height of traffic cone is 750mm (+/- 10%). Depending on the cone design the total capacity can vary.
Generally speaking, the heavier the traffic cone, the better the machine can work.

Traffic cones are always deployed and collected at the same location, either on the right or left hand side of the vehicle.

The X-Cone machine can be operated by one person (driver).

In fully automatic mode, X-Cone can both, deploy and collect traffic cones with a cone spacing of ≥10m.
For cone spacing of less than 10 meters manual intervention is required via a button on the control panel. <

The X-Cone machine is designed according to Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery (Machinery Directive) or the Machinery Safety Ordinance 2010 (MSV2010).

X-Cone does not require any special maintenance. However it is important to ensure that the batteries do not discharge and that moving parts are cleaned regularly.

YES, X-Cone can also be used also during winter time.

The distance is measured via the measuring wheel. This allows the operator to choose the desired cone spacing on the control panel and the machine deploys the traffic cones exactly at the selected distance.

The measuring wheel can be installed both ways, behind as well as underneath the vehicle.

X-Cone can be installed on any vehicles that meet the following criteria:

  • Loading area without tail lifts
  • Dimension of the loading area min. 3.500 x 2.080 mm (LxW)
  • Available payload min. 1.800 kg *
  • Height of the loading area max.960mm from the road surface (vehicle unloaded)

Every single X-Cone machine is installed by our team. For each machine our engineers will do the initial setup and put the machine into operation together with the user.
For this procedure we plan at least 2 days.

YES, the X-Cone can also be installed by the customer as well as specialized companies. Nevertheless, we always recommend personal training by our experts on site.